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The forum looks great! phpBB v2.1 seems to be a nice script, so is IB (Invision Board), another freebie written by the guys who authored Ikonboard). And of course (don't want Moyashi to holler at me, hehe) there's GT Forum.
Thanks guys.

Oh woah, Invision Board looks real nice and had all the features that I had to add as mods for phpBB. I might have to check that out one day.
I've used iB, a bit difficult to skin if you don't know CSS. I didn't, and don't really want to, I hate it :)

I like XMB also, very easy, powerful features.

I've hadsome security problems with phpBB, maybe it has changed with phpBB2...
I heard that XMB is a resource hog and not very well scripted. They're also banning people from their support forum too easily.

Apart from vBulletin (my personal favorite) I'd probably use phpBB 2.01 (they offer a great selection of excellent skins, here's their vB lookalike template) or Gossamer Forum (free for non-commercial use).
Hey...I was browsing the Manga section on your site awhile back for some good manga reads. Worked wonders! Great site.
I'd stay away from XMB ... think it was called blazing board at one time. Just too many problems with it.

Phpbb 1.x.x series had security problems that should be fixed in 2.x.x. Also the scribe went through major re-writes and what not.

I like Gossamer Forum personally but ... if you buy it, it is a bit expensive. Great support though.

if I had to go with a freebie type I go with iB or phpBB.
XMB is much better at managing resources than YaBB and IkonBoard, dunno about phpBB though. I haven't had any real problems with it.

As for the support forums, I was banned there without even registering for about a week, that was odd. Must have banned an entire block?
at phpBB?

I've tried YaBB but didn't really like it. IkonBoard wasn't too bad though. Though, the main developer moved on to create Invision Board.

hmmm, XMB wasn't all that bad. It just had a few quirky problems ... which is why I went to phpBB way back when.
It still does. My users are having problems editing their posts with it.
Last time I ran a phpBB board for my website someone gained admin access thru a glitch on it. I'd prefer just a few odd problems than one major one :)

I know there's a phpBB2, but I don't trust them...
phpBB 1 series had a patch that you needed to do or ... just move to 2 which is way better.

Ahhh, trust is important for scripts.

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