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The order of learning words


11 Mar 2014
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Hello everyone!

I'm thinking about making a notebook with the words I learn but I can't really think in which order they should be put. I was surfing the net to find out how it should be done and one particural way caught my attention. It involves writing down all the words I can read when introducing a new kanji. If the first word in my notebook would be 何 then I could only write down 何も and 何か. When introducing 誰 I could only write words like 誰も, 誰か or 誰でも. I think it's a good way since using that I will never repeat any word, but after like, a 100 kanji the lists will get really big, and that's my worry.

What do you think about that? Could you recommend a better way of learning kanji and words?


8 Mar 2013
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After leaning at least 600 kanjis you start to feel "diminishing returns" in making lists and repeating isolated words.

I can only recommend you to read and write texts with a certain frequence, so that you can learn new words and their kanji. After sometime you will start recognizing patterns and readings, for example: the "張" in "見張り" and "頑張る".

In my opinion the best way to "absorb" knowledge is by using it, many times, in different ways, hence, the writing part.
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