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The one-man national yacht movement


17 Jan 2004
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On my planet, the U.S., people change things at the grassroots level. In Japan, the root of the blade is often an "obaa-san" or "ojii-san," a single person out to change things. You can find these individuals all over Japan, conjuring up their own ways of making a difference in this country. I ran into such a person just the other day as I was cruising in a yacht along the coast of Kyushu.
We had pulled into Shibushi Bay in Kagoshima Prefecture, the southernmost on Kyushu. Meeting us at the port was the root of the blade, Kunihiko Tsuchiya. Mr. Tsuchiya lives on Shibushi Bay, a huge bay on the Pacific Ocean that brews perfect winds for sailing and is big enough to hold yacht races. He was dressed in khakis, a safari vest and a Chinese wicker helmet. He looked more like he was off to shoot an ad for Banana Republic than change the yachting world.

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