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the nine ninja hand symbols-kuji goshin ho


yamatai dragontiger
29 Jul 2003
I am reserching information on the Kuji kiri or the ninpo mikkyu method that contains the philosophy of the nine hand getstures called Kuji kiri or kuji goshin ho. It is very difficult to find a complete meaning to each gesture. I already know the letters for each so that part is reserched.

I also found that there is a tenth, juji no ho, that is envoked to either curse or bless the enemy. I need help finding more information on the meaning of each gesture.

this system can be recognize in Japanese and American ninja movies when the ninja sits in a meditative pose and forms a hand gesture when hhe meditates.🙂
Go to a library or book store and look up Stephen K. Hayes. His books are excellent places to find things of this nature.

Another you can check is "The Tiger Scroll of the Koga Ninja". This is a small but informative reading of the actual Tiger Scroll.
ya, am very familar with Stephen hayes... I almost joined his organization awhile back. I still have the form to this very day. But I think I am more interested in Kung fu and Tai chi since they are more defensive and soft style fighting....

but thanks, I'll check that out.
yes, and I ike the way akido system works, but i want a style that has an artist form to it. so you can look cool and wierd but be deadly all at the same time. The Brazilian martial arts is another that looks interesting. I kinda think break dancing may have spawned from that martial art since the art is concealed in the dance.
Im not sure if i am correct or not but i belive that each hand symbol had dual pourposes, and had 2 different chants to them. can anyone verify this?
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