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The (new) Battlestar Galactica

Whoa cool! It's Edward James "Bladerunner" Olmos. He also played Lt. Castillo in Miami Vice.
Damn, he's gotten old.

Number Six looks cool. Bit of a Seven of Nine rip off though...
Whoa~ a victoria secret model as a Cylon... this is interesting....

altho; i didn't like the original much, Babylon 5 was my favorite sci-fi of all times.

Looks decent. I loved the original series and I can remember it fondly. Sci-Fi has been doing a great job of resurrecting some of the older stuff (Dune, Children of Dune, etc.) so hopefully this will continue the trend.
The original was rather good for it's time. Can't remember much of the storyline, but i thought the special fx were pretty neat.
I saw the hour long pre-view show last weekend and thought that it's going to be a great show but why even bother calling it Battlestar Galactica. The names are the same and the plot's basically the same but the changes are an insult to the actors and writers of the original. Pretty much, someone bought the rights to a classic show and gutted out.
One of the "cleaver" plot twist is instead of the Cylons being a group of machines that killed off their creators (also called Cylons) they are now created by humans. Why not make the Cylons the heroes struggling to trying and gain independence from the vile humans that created them for slave labor. That way the humans deserve to be killed off.
What happened to plain good verses evil. For some reason we can't believe that there are bad people (or machines) out there who do evil to good people who don't deserve it. There's always bad guy who's just misunderstood.
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