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The New Advert Arrangement


6 Jan 2007
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Before I head off to the byoin for my next chemotherapy session I was checking in here and I see the new advert arrangement and I imagine you admin folks are already aware of the problem , but just in case --- that ad is really messing up my access to viewing and even posting right here. Half my screen is that advert in the top half of my screen or now it seems to be a solid red. This is way, way too uncomfortable. But I suppose y'all have already seen the problem. Still, info from us regular folks might be helpful.


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
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I am very sorry for the intrusive ads that seem to have appeared overnight. Google has significantly changed the way its AutoAds are displayed. The system is still a bit clunky but allows for certain page areas to be excluded. It takes about an hour before any changes are being applied sitewide. I have temporarily disabled all ads but will continue to experiment with the new settings.

Once again my apologies for the ad attack!

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