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The Microsoft Cup


17 Jan 2004
Yes indeed, Microsoft has a Japanese rugby championship named after them. Here is an article on this interesting occasion between the NEC Green Rockets and Toshiba Fuchu.

Microsoft must be a very happy company.

The software giant not only had two of Japans biggest computer companies playing in the final of the cup competition it sponsored but it also had a cracker of a game.

A week after pulling a game out of the hat to reach the final, the Toshiba Brave Lupus almost repeated the Houdini act and only a forward pass prevented them from scoring what could have been the winning try in the fourth minute of injury time.

However, in the end the defense of the NEC Green Rockets held firm and NEC became the first holder of the Microsoft Cup, winning 24-19 at Tokyo's National Stadium on Sunday.

Japan Times
Maybe people like George Gregan, Lawrence Dallaglio, Wendell Sailor and Jonah Lomu should consider investing in computers now.
Dream Time said:
I hope the league does not suck like the Microsoft products do.

If you're using Windows XP, any MIcrosoft Office products, Works, or anything like that...I smell a hypocriticism there... 😄

But, no, the league is of high caliber.There are a lot of people from New Zealand who moved to Japan, and are playing rugby there. A lot of people from Australia, too. 😌
whats with all the MS Hate?

Let's all MS Love eachother! ^_^
I've got an intellimouse explorer, Microsoft natural keyboard Pro and a hefty sticker on the side of my machine saying "MICROSOFT"...

i guess it's mostly just to piss off those Linux princesses, but i really think MS makes some quality gear!

I agree with you; however, I believe in the centuries-old maxim, "To each his/her own." Whether it's XP, Mac OSX, Linux, Unix...all OS are good, as long as they function to provide satisfaction.

😄 *dances to "Satisfaction" by Rolling Stones*
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