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The Matrix


7 Apr 2004
I just saw the "final" Matrix but I really don't think that it's the end. This one was so anticlimatic. And why did neo let himself be turned into a smith. Well more later. Time for food. 🍜
DAMN I HAVENT SEEN IT AND NOW I KNOW HE GETS TURNED INTO A SMITH!!!!!!!! 😲 I heard there suppose to be an online game too. 😊
my opinion is that smith is a virus and that neo is the only antidote, a sorta virus program to cancel out smith
I agree with Jovial Jon. I think Neo became a smith on purpose so he could keep control and use the machines to infect the Smiths from the inside out and destroy them. I gave up on watching extra features but I'll watch them later. I like the guy who played agent smith. He has a great sense of humor.
Well...if you out it that way boths are viruses ^^
Neo's originately something destinated to destroy the system and he altered smith, changing him into something even worse by killing him ^^
Neo wasnt the anti-virus, neo was the virus in the first place. The only thing was he had a set moral value, which was his choice, where as when neo infested smith the first time, the 'virus' affinity in neo transferred to smith along with neo's freewill and choice, but this time, smith chose the opposite of neo.
Errr i think the 3rd one was the last (even it seems there can be an end)
unless they're planing to do like alien =)
The third isnt the end of the story. In fact, the Oracle lets you know this in Enter the Matrix.

She eludes to the fact that the child in Revolutions is more important than even Neo.

Matrix: Online will continue the story indefinately.

Yes, Winter cant wait.
Another thing remember when neo was jacked in, in the machine city and he had just got taken by smith there was like some electircal surge from the machine hook ups to neo. I really think neo was more of a *tool* to be used by the machines because they couldh ave killed him but gave him a chance to speak.
And if the machines really could have killed smith they would have already done it. They couldn't, they need a link to smith from an outside source because everyone that the machines had was already turned into smiths.
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