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The Matrix Reloaded


That man in the corner
15 Mar 2002
I went to see it this afternoon.

Best action i've seen in a long time. The first hour was a bit slow and storywise it wasn't that spectacular.
I've read about the way the special effects were created and that's what i've mostly enjoyed about this movie. Definately one to see a few times more.

So what are your opinions?
I haven't even watched the first part yet, lol. But good to know. ;)

The Matrix is my favorite movie! Actually it was until I saw Vidoqc (France)... But I hope, after I will watch M:R, Matrix will get it's first place in my top ten once again! :box:

Viva la matrix!
I went to see it 3 times. :D

The first one I was too close to the screen but in a premier night it was the only tickets I could get for me and a couple of friends. I had to go back a second time to check out the details and the third one... well, it was a slow night... why not? :)

I liked it. It did had the impact of the first of the serie but overall it was ok, being the burly Brawl and the Highway scenes very entertaining.
I think it was b***s**t to tell my true feelings.... I loved the first part, the whole idea behind it, but this realoaded- part just was showing off _so_ clearly that it was just a "let's collect their money" movie..I was really disappointed.

In the movie they could just blabber allmost anything in fancy names and computer language( I mean, did you _really_ understand everything that happened etc.?), and that left a feeling the movie makers could've just told anything that comes to mind, but has no meaning. It left me feeling empty.

I got nothing from the movie, expect for the amazing visuals and costumes (okay,that was really a pleasure 😍 ). The endindg was the worst : just wait for the 3rd part...
Sorry for disagreeing...
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