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The Man Who Invented Sitting Down


2 Jul 2004
-The University of the Bleeding Obvious: Anatomical Folding-

Eric 'Damn Your Eyes' Blair
The Man Who Invented Sitting Down

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, if you are then the man you have to thank is legendary pioneer Eric 'Damn Your Eyes' Blair. It's not widely known that before he invented a reliable and cost-effective method of sitting down, everybody was forced to stand up.

Life must have been very hard indeed in the days before sitting down was invented, and we can only guess how ordinary people managed to cope under such difficult circumstances. Indeed, it is a topic hotly debated by historians and antiquarians and many theories have been put forward. There is some evidence within the fossil record that our Neolithic forebears were accustomed to squatting on rocks and fallen tree trunks, though modern research indicates that they would only have been able to do this for short periods before their knees gave out. Later civilisations came up with different solutions. Ancient Egyptians, for example, went to extraordinary lengths to construct the pyramids so that Pharaohs could lean against them. The Romans adopted a more technological approach and surviving records detail what has been described as a 'hanging frame'........(Click To Continue)

I know its a bit long....but I still thought it was amusing :giggle:
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