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The long "o"


30 Jul 2002
When writing in Hiragana, is the second "O" in the long sounding "O", written in the Hiragana symbol for "U"???

Thanks for the help....
Take for example おうさま (ou-sama) = king.

I think that not all "long o's" ( ô ) are transcribed as "ou" in hiragana, but also as "oo". However, please don't quote me on that and wait for the nihongo experts. :)
I believe so too.
I wonder where the "u" "o" actually sound different?

Probably a left vintage usage from the Heian period.
Usually a long "o" is spelled "ou", but sometimes it's "oo", like in ookii 大きい (big) or toori 通り (road, avenue). To avoid confusion, you can also pronounce "oo" as two separate "o", but in conversation both "ou" and "oo" sound the same.
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