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The Kiss Off Quiz


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14 Mar 2002

=> http://www.kissmyfreckledassbye.com/quiz.html

My results:

You should definitely quit your job. You're using your job as an excuse not to do what you are really meant to. Obviously, who you are and what you do are solidly connected in your mind. Chances are your very spirit is entrepreneurial, or you have a deep- seeded disrespect for all authority, or you have to do something that is eating at you for your neglect it. Quit already. Go, start your own company, write the novel, paint the picture. People like you, at your stage of life really shouldn't be working for anyone else.
I got the same result... and i knew this already actually...

So i've made up my mind... I'm going to start a pyramid scheme and get rich sleeping. Any suckers care to participate? :)
I am going to send you a list of countries that won't extradite you to Europe.

This is funny, considering the fact that I'm not even employed at the moment!! :p

Don't quit your job. Your situation may not be perfect, but it will do as well as any other until you figure out what it really is that you want.

Huh?! :?

Now this is really weird... look what I got:
Don't quit your job. You're happy. You probably have colleagues you can talk to, your boss probably respects you and, if not, you're empowered enough not to care about that. You enjoy what you do most of the time. Sure, you have bad days, but who doesn't? If you have a problem today, you'll get over it this weekend.
I'm not employed either, I'm visiting the college... and I can't say I'm enjoying what I do there :eek:
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