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The King is Alive ! Elvis .... rules !


15 Apr 2002
The King is Alive!

He's on the news, on the radio ... he's here!!!!

What is it ??? his 25th anniversary or what?

His daughter is now with Nicolas Cage.

I'm actually a Buddy Holly fan though.

Since "MiB" we know that Elvis was an alien who returned to his planet, don't we?

Oh, another interesting resource: [news]alt.elvis.sighting[/news]

Buddy Holly was cool too, love his glasses, hehe.
Obviously. Even though Hollywood produced a "Buddy Holly Story", forgot who played B.H. ...

Hm, I'm in the mood to search for my oldie tapes.
you guys are nuts...B.H. was great and so was the King...
I like most oldies. From Old Motown to the Beach Boys and everything in between.
this is the first time that I'v ever admitted this but "Elvis in his movies" he is so manly yet so intune with what women look for, lol hes a babe !!!! lolol
Early movies that is ... later Elvis I hated. I like him up to the GI period.
No day passing without an Elvis docu or movie being shown on TV. Moyashi, I agree with you. He was a charming guy until he was drafted. It hurts to see his later movies, in particular those produced after his 1968 comeback and during the Las vegas period.
LOL...my mther-in-law would go nuts if she heard you trashing Elvis...LOL

Her whole dining room is done in a 50's motiff...with pics of Elvis, James Dean, Marilynn Monroe and more. It looks good. She is a HUGE Elvis nut though.
"he went missing"
so you think he is still alive?? I think that he did die unfortunately, and it was the end of a great music mistro.
I do have to agree with the comments about his later movies,,, the earlier ones where excellent for that time,🙂
@ wow

Don't tell they are velvet paintings ... hmmm, next I open this thread I won't be drinking coffee just in case I spew it over my notebook.

hmmm, 50's ... checkboard patterns? like the black and white soda jerk styles?

My mom and her hubby sold off 2 houses in CA to b uy 1.8 acres in San Deigo near the border ... they want to put up a 50's gas station. Her husband is fix it / mechanic freak that likes trains and old gas pumps.

hehe, I bet our parents would have a blast together if they met :)
The floor is black and white tile with lots of crome in the whole room. She has a old jukebox with pictures, not black velvet...thank god...lol ... a 50's style table with matching chairs and an old school ceiling fan that I keep hitting my head on...lol
Next thing to do is to visit!

Wow, I love to stop by :)

Buddy Holly, Elvis, Beach Boys and such on the juke?
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