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The Japanese Family System..HOW??


7 Sep 2003
konnichi wa

well, ,i want you to talk about the japanese family life if you can or give me some URLs to find it myself

i appreciate your replies;)
Mandylion, I need some help.
A few years ago, i was told that my last name was Japanese, I was confused coming from a Hispanic background. I had time to go to a library in Yokosuka Japan and looked up the name. I did find my name as Urita - meaning "Warrior of the Rice Field" I also saw the Kanji form of the name. I was wondering if i could get some information on where I might find this again as I would like to have to show my family.
Hi Michael, Thank you for asking me, but I am not sure I can help. I'll PM through this board and we can go from there. It might be a good idea to start your own thread, and then if other people have any ideas, they can help to. To the PM machine...
In relation to....? (US/Japan) (Japanese modern/traditional) (changes through time). The more you can narrow down what you are interested the better. It is sure to foster spin-offs of other sbutopics you want to look at :)
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