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The Japan That Can Say No


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14 Mar 2002
Just acquired Ishihara's "The Japan That Can Say No" at eBay. Can't be a great loss for 1 GBP (less than € 1.50). Has anyone read that collection of wisdom? I know there's an online edition available, but I prefer to read "offline".
Hi Tom,

I am supposed to get it from someone by the handle "caladora". I already contacted that person, but haven't heard of her/him yet. ;)
Yeah, you right, Thomas - because of its impressive effect, this is definitely a book, everybody should read. But unfortunately I still havent had time for it so far. Too sad...but if someone like to leave comment on it, I would appreciate it :)

Ishihara is a brilliant well studied fanatic.

He is totally anti-everything-non-Japanese.

I admire his intellegence but not his policies.

His brother was a famous movie star ;)
Rumour has it that his brother's popularity helped hima lot to get elected.

Btw, unfortunately my book deal never worked out. So much for eBay. :smash:
Quite possibly so.
But still his knowledge and idea are quit amazing.

Many politicians use parents/relatives to gain their foot in the door.

hmmm ... I thought the book was only in Japanese.
Domo arigato. Why do i feel like an alien witnessing the half-life of a civilization? ...(That book on Nostradamus is around here somewhere).
@ no to iieru nippon
cool ... I gotta check out that link later. thanks!!!

great scott! I hope not. He's a mutant in disquise.
Although, Beat Takeshi, is thought by the general public to be a better solution that Ishihara.
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