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The image of Visual-Kei


5 Nov 2002
Hi folks
I have been listening to some bands of visual-kei, which you guys recommended here. (Thanks!!! I enjoy them a loooooooot! 😄 )
I gotta say, I was quite impressed by the images of those visual-kei musicians. Though it maybe inspired by Glam ROck, but a lot more sexy, or girly to me. (charming) But unfortunately, I only have the CD covers and some online photos. Just wondering, have anyone seen their music video or even live performance?
What's their performance style? heavy-metal rock boys? Campy ? Falmboyant? what what what?

And how is this genre of visual-kei is perceived in the mainstream Japan? I know some Japanese male visual-kei fans take on the similar androgynous style. Is this a popular trend? I gotta say, this type of gender subversion, evidenced by the musicians and the fans are mind-blowing to me...(I am from Taiwan, now studying in the US)

What a rich genre to do research!

Thanks for your replies~~~
I was actually hoping someone from Japan would answer this one, but since nobody is doing so, i'll try to answer your questions.

Visual Kei is actually a sub-culture in Japan. It was huge in the X-Japan era, but it has shrunk significantly since their breakup. It's still quite visible in the streets of Tokyo though.
It's not only the male fans that dress up like their idols. Female fans are just as fanatic (and usually look a lot better).

I've seen a few video's of concerts and the performance style is different with each band. Some are just regular rockconcerts, some are complete theatrical displays. I've even seen male bandmembers kissing eachother on stage. This is (as far as i am informed) just for show and the fans go totally crazy.

It is indeed a very interesting phenomena to research. There are some great websites outthere dedicated to the genre and i'll post them here as soon as i have found them again. :)
Hey there.. only just noticed your post.. Oops! Gomen! Anyway.. I've got quite a few (nearly all) the dir en grey vids if you'd like me to send some to you. If you've got a streamload account I could streambeam all I have to you (only way I can think of!). Elsewise, just get Kazaa and when searching, set it to videos only, then type in the name of the band. Thats where I've got all mine from.

I'm definately one of those visual kei nuts who runs around dressing that way. In truth I've been a goth for around 6 years now, but in the last 6 months its been more inspired by visual kei rather than the typical goths you get over here.

Hope I've been some help!

Hey, midnitestar have you got a pic?? this gothic stuff has me fascinated!! Are the black clothes and white-faced stuff that's here from time to time??? (absolutely no disrespect intended!!!) I'm 33 years old and have not had much outside the normal side of life!!🙂 🙂
Mmmm... the most recent photo I've got is of me as a dark angel - I was dressed up for the Japanese Society Christmas Party in London, there was a huuuge prize for the best dresser. I was nominated, but didn't win. Thats beside the point.. the photos haven't been developed yet, but I'll scan and post it when they do. I know it was fancy dress, but its the kind of thing I'd wear normally to go out anyway. My makeup was copied from a photo of Kyo from Dir en Grey.. I was trying to do a Gackt with the black angel wings, but they're a little small (couldn't afford the big ones!). The rest is just a low cut PVC top, stupidly tight corset, short tight PVC skirt with a short netted thing over the top (very fairy like), fishnets and these purple cobweb boot things. Who knows how well the photos have come out!

And yes, I used to do the black clothes white faced stuff when I was 15. At 18 I discovered hair dye and my hair has been every colour of the rainbow since then. Now its back to blonde (not natural, but blonde is my natural colour) cause it might fall out if I dye it anymore. Now I still go with lots of black makeup, but my skin's so pale I don't need white makeup!

Now I'm rambling.. <laughs> Will let you know how the photo's turn out.

@ Midnitestar
Will let you know how the photo's turn out.
are you kidding??? of course!!! the description of what you wore has got me sooo totally baffled!! Get them developed and get them on the board!! hahaha, I'm sure you were sooo totally gorgeous!! you have worn items that I only see in magazines!!! Thanks for your reply and please if you are comfortable enough to post a pic, please do so, I'll be waiting to see the pic!!!🙂
If you can get hold of American comics then there's one title published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint called Vertigo Pop! Tokyo which focuses on an American's experiences with a Visual-Kei obssessed Japanese girl. The art style is very stylised, but it gives a good idea of what these Visual-Kei bods look like. It also shows the (fictional) Visual-Kei lead singer without his make-up and costume, and the reaction of his fans when seeing him like that ("You're not Hike-san! You're just some ugly jiji!") You could always try the DC web sight thing. I'll try and remember the address and post it here. . .
Photos are being developed on Tuesday so I should be able to scan them in that night. Silly board question - where do I post photos.. just in any random post like most people do? If so, I'll just post it in this thread.. no idea how yet as I've never tried, but I'm sure I'll get it! Anyway.. my costume.. most of it came from Camden in London (wings, boots, fish nets, both skirts, gloves, corset).. the only thing that didn't was the PVC top which came from Ann Summers.. <laughs> If you ever come to the UK I'll take you to camden!

And thanks for the link... am about to check it out now! Sounds like the kind of comic I'd love.. <grins>

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Photos got developed.. they're SOOOO dark! (damned evil free camera!). Luckily my dad's a whiz with sorting this kinda thing out and since I'm home for Xmas I'll throw it at him when he gets back over the weekend and get him to make it all pretty for me. Photo itself is quite good - you'll be able to see most of the costume once its lighter.
i have sean Kozi/Eve Of destiny live in stocholm it KICKED A** and where totaly awsom. by the way kozi is an old Malice mizer Member :p
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