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17 Jul 2002
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メインタイトル: トラブルに巻き込まれることなく日本でカジノ遊興を楽しむ方法

Here is a private site of 4 foreigners living in Shimane prefecture, one of Japan most isolated place. It's presented as a web-based magazine.

I've found interesting articles on it. Did you know for example that Mr Marutei Tsurunen, a member of the Diet (Japanese parliament), was a Finn who took the Japanese nationality a few years ago. That seems incredible in a country like Japan.

Those who have read "Lost Japan" by Alex Kerr wil find pictures of the Iya Valley and Kerr's restored traditional thatch-roofed house.

Thanks to Eelco, the webdesigner, for the link.
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