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The final exam for the 12th graders (3)


8 Apr 2004
I would appreciate it if someone could check my problems.

4 ( )の中の正しい語句を記号で選びなさい。20点
But some people were [あ] to see the [い] of his poetry, which [う] his sincere love for other people. (さ)Whitman believed that humans and nature were both part of God.
[ア] a scientist, Thomas Edison is well known all [え] the world for his many inventions. Yet he had very little [お]. When his teachers criticized him for being [か] and [き] to learn, his mother decided not to give him a formal [お]. She [く] his natural desire to read and experiment. [イ] the time he was ten years old, he had [け] a strong taste for chemistry and made himself a laboratory.
His first inventions were begun [ウ] his adolescence. [エ] a little money made from one of his inventions, he started his own manufacturing business in New Jersey. This later developed [オ] a research laboratory. Here he perfected the incandescent lamp, which [こ] electricity to replace gas. Here too, he first reproduced the sound of the human voice on an instrument called the phonograph. Constant experimentation played an important part in Edison's success. (し)He slept very little and worked very hard.

①上の[あ]~[こ]に入る語を下から記号で選びなさい。1×10 = 10
(a)stubborn (b)encouraged (c)developed (d)greatness (e)expressed 
(f)unwilling (g)over (h)enabled (i)education (j)able

②上の[ア]~[カ]に入る語を下から選びなさい。 1×6 = 6
yet ,as, with, by, during, into

③下線部(さ)と(し)を日本語に訳しなさい。2×2 = 4点
(さ) ホイットマンは人間も自然も[/人間と自然の]両方が神の一部だと信じた[/信じていた]。
(し) 彼はほとんど[/あまり]寝ないで一生懸命働いた。/彼は少ししか寝ずに頑張って働いた。など

5 ( )の語句を並び替えて日本語の意味になる英文を完成しなさい。ただし、
The Internet ( an / part / in / plays / important / society ) today .
The Internet plays an important part in society today.
This ( in / town / into / the 1800s / Chicago / small / developed ).
This small town developed into Chicago in the 1800s.
The teachers ( being / Edison / criticized / learn / to / unwilling / for ).
The teachers criticized Edison for being unwilling to learn.
Although ( had / education / little / he / formal ), he invented many important things.
Although he had little formal education, he invented many important things.
( we / the time / the stadium / arrived / at / by ) , the game had already started.
By the time we arrived at the stadium, the game had already started.
6 日本語の意味に合うように(  )に一語ずつ入れなさい。1×10 = 10点
I ( あ )( い )( う ) Awaji Island.
(あ) was (い) born (う) on
The children were ( え )( お ) hunger.
(え) dying (お) from/of
The city government ( か ) the victims of the earthquake ( き ) food.
(か) supplied/distributed (き) with
Who ( く ) care ( け ) your cat ( こ ) you were away?
(ね) took (の) of (は) while/when

Thanks in advance.
The city government ( か ) the victims of the earthquake ( き ) food.
(か) supplied/distributed (き) with

All look good except this one. The item following distribute will be the thing being distributed. Supply can be followed by the item being supplied or by the people being supplied, so supply would be acceptable, but distribute would not as it would sound like you were distributing the the victims.
I see. Can you say this one?
The city government distributed food to the victims of the earthquake.
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