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The exam for Class 2-1 (2)


8 Apr 2004
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Dear native English speakers,
Does this question make sense?

What do foreigners living in Japan think about the country and its people? One of them, Yin Wenyi, from China, is impressed by Japanese manners. She points out that when the Japanese get on a train they line up, unlike people in China. In her country, she says, passengers tend to try and get on the train ahead of everyone else.
Soon after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Yin decided to leave Japan. At the station, she found the escalators shut down. She was trying to carry a heavy suitcase up the stairs when a Japanese woman approached her. "Can I help you? We're all having a tough time, aren't we?" the woman said. At that moment, Yin knew that she would surely return to Japan.
Mon Myat Thu, from Myanmar, admires the Japanese because they work hard. When she herself began working part-time in Japan, she was surprised to be told that she should look for things to do even when there are no customers around. Such an idea was new to her.

⑤本文の内容に合っているものを記号で二つ答えなさい。(Choose two correct sentences.)
(a) When Japanese people get on a train, they often try to get on it ahead of everyone else.
(b) Mon Myat Thu don't think that the Japanese work hard.
(c) Yin Wenyi thinks that Japan has a lot of earthquakes.
(d) Yin Wenyi will probably come back to Japan.
(e) When Wenyi was having trouble carrying a heavy baggage, a Japanese woman offered help.

Thanks in advance.
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