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23 Nov 2003
Hi all, not often I start a thread (may be the 1st actually) but I was wondering what state the Japanese economy is in. I seem to remember hearing bad reports about how much in debt the government were and lots of people were loosing jobs etc.

This is always bad news and a terrible time to go through but without sounding too selfish, would it be a good time to visit Japan as the cost for tourists would be low? I've always wanted to go and my fiance has hinted we could go for our honey moon which would be a double bonus (obviously marrying her is the bigger bonus!!!!)

Ta very much
Its more that somethings are more expensive over there. Rigging of construction job pricing and useless construction projects (such as those damned expressways) are not doing the economy any good.

If you do some reading into alot of the economy problems arise from the government trying to artificially stand the country up. Providing meaningless jobs and the such.

But I'd say go! Where you from? Australia is in a verrrry good position lately, the exchange rate changed about 20% in our favor in only 12months 👍

I saw a very interesting tv slot a bit back showing how the Japanese government subsidised tea leaf farmers and how a piano company was making piano's that no one wanted to buy, it all seemed very strange. It was like people didn't want to admit that something was wrong.

By the way, I'm in the UK

Thanks for the reply.
News aren't too good from all over the place, therefore I was very surprized to read something positive about Japanese economy last week in the little regional German newspaper I'm subscribed for. It said that in the first two months of this year the economy went up 2.8% and that analysts expect a growth of 7% !!!! for 2004 - unbelievable - that's only 2% less than boom-country China!
Let's hope there is something true in it and that it's not pushed only by borrowed money as it is here in Germany.

Well, and I think it's not selfish to go there while the exchange rate is good for you, since many things, especially accomodation, are quite a bit more expensive than here - mmhhh, UK might be different.... - anyways, I think anybody, who drops money there is welcome, ne ;)
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