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17 Jan 2004
Another fun article from the Japan Times...check it out.

Here's the story . . .
It was the girl's very first day of her first part-time job ever -- working as a summer waitress in a typical family-style restaurant. More than anything, she just wanted to do her best and get through the day without any trouble. So she hid her nervousness behind a jittery smile and thought: "Do not make a mistake. Do not make a mistake. Do not make a mistake."

Japan Times
Hahaha, that was a good story... err, collection of stories.

Off topic: I see on your web site you go to CSULB. Hopefully, I will be transferring there next year with a major in Japanese and a minor -possibly- in international business.

Back on Topic: I had a full on conversation with a guy in Japan on where I was from and all he knew about the U.S. ... in a bath house.

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