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6 Feb 2004
The Blokey Society.


You want to be entertained? Then head over to the Society, it's all about a little character called Blokey. Go to the Stories page and watch the ever growing list of animations.

The Latest two being "Stickman Army" and "Duel"

Then leave a message in the forum, let us know what you think.


Ps here is a little picture of him :)


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Somone had to say it.....

NO! You have completely managed to totally miss the point.

Blokey was actually "Concieved" in 1995, and I suspect will never appear on television. I think spongebob is far more recent than that, I have only seen spongebob since the early part of this year. So Blokey has nothing to do with Spongebob....

I can't even see any real basis for comparison, apart from the are both cube shaped. Spongebob is, well a sponge! and would NEVER do half the stuff that Blokey will do... he lives under the sea! nothing wanna about it.

It's like comparing a football to a rugby ball, they are two different things for two different purposes.

Tho I admit I like spongebob, he is merely a boy and Blokey is more adult than that.

This aside I understand you are entitled to your opinoin.

Sorry, couldn't resist. It's a square sort of figure, you see. No harm intended. :)
How often you must have thought that they stole your idea...
I do wonder though, how long ago Spongebob was conceived before it was decided to make an animated series out of him.

Anyway, i've moved your post to the site promotions section, since it doesn't have anything to do with Japan.
oh yeah, it doesn't... shem. Well thanks for taking a look....

as for time limit - I have no idea how long that kinda thing takes.

I have just released a new animaion called 'Cuter if you wanna take a look. Why not leave a little message in the Forum there (a quick way there is forum.blokey.net)

There is only one outside person who has posted there :( so more the merrier.

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