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The best souvenirs from Japan?


14 May 2003

I'm planning to go back to NZ for a holiday in March and I'm starting to collect a few souvenirs to take back with me.
I don't live in a big city so there are no touristy souvenir shops for gaijin travellers.
If I were buying souvenirs for you, what would you want? What are the best gifts to give from Japan? I'll be buying gifts for my parents, some relatives and friends. Nearly all of them have been given origami, book marks, chopsticks etc by Japanese before. so I need to think of some more unusual gifts to give.

Any ideas would be most welcome 🙂 Please tell me what great souvenirs you have been given in the past!
What not to get ?

I got things that you hang on the walls, big mistake ! Unless you have an oriental room decor, they stood out like a sore thumb. They were beautiful to hold and look at but not practical to display in most homes.
For myself, I always wished I had bought a gold bar made to look ancient. 30 years ago they were dirt cheap but I wasn't sure about getting them through customs when I got back to the states.
Fancy dolls and classy lacquer-ware are always nice ! Good luck, there are sure a lot of possible choices.

fukuoka daiei hawks merchandise is what i got for folks here
kinda poor selection at tokyo dome though (imagine that :))
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