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The best moment of joy in one's life

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12 May 2003
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It's a wonderful morning out here!

Sometimes, I am just curious to know what the best moment of of joy in one's life is?

As for me, among other things, when I fulfil my promise to someone, or when I am punctual at an appointment, I feel it the most.

I know the topic is wide, and the answers are many!

Just a thought to share!

Hmm... the question posed is simple and straightforward enough, yet the answer (at least in my case) is a bit more nebulous at best... I approach this from the position that there are actually two different issues at hand (both closely related):

1) What is the single most defining moment of joy/pleasure/satisfaction you've ever experienced?

Hard to say here with any certain clarity or conviction... Perhaps when my mother beat her cancer many years ago or when I first proposed to the person with whom I thought I would spend the rest of my life with (at the time anyways) and she accepted or maybe it was the first night I spent in my very own apartment after arriving in Japan for the first time pondering the myriad of possibilities that awaited me... Most likely though, the answer would be when I had a chance to backpack for over a year solo throughout much of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa with only a few belongings taking in as much as I could of the native scenery. That journey of self discovery stands to this day to be my greatest memory.

2) What generally gives you joy/pleasure/satisfaction in your life?

The list is long and varied to say the least, but here's a short rundown:

Cruising the Bay Area (California) at dusk in my ride with the music pumpin' and hangin' with friends for a night out on the town.

Great food!!! Nothing beats the satisfaction one recieves after carefully preparing a gourmet meal for friends or family and then hearing all the compliments on how great the courses were 8-p

Good grades, plain and simple. I am six credits shy of earning my Masters. Graduate school has not been easy, but i've found it to be a generally enjoyable environment where I can really shine in the classroom. Getting high marks as a result only spurs me on further to do better the next time.

And so many more...
The best moment of joy in one's life!

Very well.

But, also look it at this way that there are conventions, and as a result of those conventions, we do somethings that we suppose to do, and we don't something that we suppose not. Not because we fear of an isolation, but because they are universally accepted as a norm.

Now, some of the things you did mention, do not necessarily need a conventional force behind them to convince you of doing them or not, and ultimately let you feel the joy we are talking about here. Save that some of them do.

I think morality is one of those conventional forces that plays a role in many aspects of our life. It's not about "do's and don'ts", it's a combination of a decison making process involving heart, brain, and conscience. I am not aware of any other involvment in that process at this time, however.

Good day to you Aryobarzan.

You just posted some of my favorite subject that dominate our life: BRAIN and HEART.

This two Gland, yes they are glands, even if some medical scientist don`t agree.

Just about for everything, we use our brain, and dipend how we use that makes the difference of living.

Heart, is one gland that try to controll and over power the brain. Wel, lots time the heart wins ove the brain for: love, passion, and impulse, and hate.

If we use the brain properly, we have good morality, decision making and understanding the world around us.

On the other hand: when we have to use our heart, we have very little control over it.
The Heart works by emotion, and not reason.
So, we follow this emotion that, on the end we end up be very happy, or unhappy.

Now, here comes the answer of your question.

If the heart wins our emotion over brain, we feel lots of joy wich is happiness.. Doing so, the Heart overpower the brain, by pomping to much blod and offuscate our brain.
When this happen, most of the time, morality, is lost. Bondary is lost. Attidude is lost.
What we got left is: instints of emotional feelings.

Unfortuanate, for us, there is not midle road between brain and heart.
There is never a midle road in life.

Peace and Joy, be with you all.



Funny, my biggest joy in life is the purr my cat gives and her love that is always there when I need it. The world can fall down around me and the cat (Moonshadow) makes it all seem trivial.
I've never had a pet myself, although I am partial to my brother's big mangy mutt of a dog who always recognizes me year after year even though I don't get the opportunity to see them very often. The darn thing weighs over 150 lbs. but always snuggles up along side me like he was still a wee 'lil puppy when i'm in town, heh.
The best moment of joy in one's life!

Good day to you Cathy,

With all due respect I disagree with the fact that there is no millde stand in due course of our life.

I guess I look at it from this angle that the term "moderation" is always there to equalize our efforts. There is always a chance to make a balance between brain's and heart's demands. I must admit however, that making this balance, is a difficult task, but, doable and it is not next to impossible.

That is where the term "sacrifice" comes in to the picture. Sacrifice in the sense that you feel you ought to loose something that you did not want to loose, under any other circumstances, should you decide to make the above mentioned balance.

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