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The 'be-real-nice-and-talk-about-anime-in-a-civilized-manner' Thread!


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31 Oct 2003
Let's us rejoice and be glad and talk about anime my dear brethren! But remember, be nice to one another. Now speak up thee anime worshippers and let us talk! What do all thee think of thy Inuyasha? Good, no?😄
Originally posted by Iron Chef
Your attempt at sarcasm leaves much to be desired...

Oh, I know that deary.:) All I want is to talk about anime in a civilized manner. On I say with thee civilized speech of the anime worshipers! Hee-ya! *whips around a whip*
lol i love the tittle now i wonder how this one will turn out just watch where that whip is going almost poked an eye out you know
Howda you poke an eye out with a whip? *looks abit nervous*

Inuyasha is nifty! ^.^ Rumiko Takahashi (manga-ka) really does have a unique style of artwork doesn't she? I never was able to copy her...of course i'm not very good at copying most artwork -.-
I did manage a spiffy picture of Ling Ling once though! *woot!*

Inuyasha is better then Ranma 1/2 I think....but I wanna know what's up with all of Takahashi-san's neverending stories? Do any of them have a resolution? I just want Ranma and Akane to get married -.- I just want Inuyasha and ....what's her face to get married!!!! EEKS! Her characters should just get over it and HOOK UP!!! After all, that is what most of her stories are about ya' know? Just a bunch of little love triangles and what not...people denying their interest in each other, same old thing (never gets old though)

I love Inuyasha and all...but the question is when will it end?
Not that I don't mind watching 138 episodes plus however many episodes are coming out next year and all 3 movies. Long running series are so hard to purchase, ya know?
Meh...I could never tire of Inuyasha! IMO it's Takahashi's best work.👍

I'm currently hooked on Naruto and Last Exile. Anyone seen them yet? Good shows ya!
Its great^^ Inuyasha is such an egoist and pretends that he needs no one but on the other hand he's so romantic... like when he became human and wanted to sleep on Kagomes lap *cute*
But Inuyasha is (sometimes) really similar to Ranma 1/2, don't you think?
*thinks there are waaaaaaaaaay too many threads* :mad: me like sesshomaru.....*giggle* i think hes the best character! hes fun to dress like too (oops thats cosplay not anime) umm i think inu-yasha is a good anime, i really enjoy it ^_^
Ranma and Akane didn't get each other, did they? what's with Inuyasha and Kagome? Will they get together?
I hope they do, but Inuyasha needs to get over Kikyo. If it wasn't for Urasua bringing Kikyo back they would never had been together. Correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't Kikyo give Naraku part of the Shikon Jewel later on in the show? I hadn't started watching it unitl half way thrugh second season and now I'm watching it from the beginning, but I heard Inuyasha mention soemthing about that.
Jeez, Kagome and Inuyasha had better get together eventually... -.-
I definitely agree, Inuyasha is Takahashi's best work...but it is a lot like Ranma 1/2...wish it would end someday.
Mou Kaoru
Naruto is great~!!~
But i was wondering what is the Last Exile is it really good and what type of story is it if you dont mind me asking?

Well Inuyasha is a very good anime but it is one that you must watch from the beginning,I liek it but i gave up after i figured out it was a long series story.its nice and all but i cant offerd all those dvds.well Inuyasha is great but what about Lupin:The 3rd :atchoo:
WOW,It is rare to find a lupin fan,I dont know why know likes the lupin series i think its pretty great,its liek the father of Cowboy Bebop.
Yeah it really is! Bebop's old man, gotta' love him! I just love all those corny old anime series!!! (Everyone watch Cybord 009!!!)🙂
i THINK THE ONLY TIME I like watching Cybord 009 was only the few beginning episodes,cause after the i thought the story was broing and the bosses were a bit weak
I'm sucked into almost any anime I watch, you could put me down to two episodes of Hello Kitty and i'd probably be a fan for the rest of my life.
Thats very good tho,cause of poeple like you alot of cartoons or anime stay alive,we call your kind of poeple in business*puppets*just playing..

I dont even know why i made that up ,but any way back to anime-I bet you have never seen GALAXY EXPRESS
Of course i've seen GALAXY EXPRESS!!! You're crazy!! Who hasn't? (everyone?) I really love it!! But I haven't seen it in decades....k, well not quite that long, but you get my drift.

*is no puppet*
YAY,I havent seen that anime in decades also i have been wanting to buy the dvd cause wow that anime is really great,Anyone esle like GE?
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