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The BCC and the BCA.

Hanada Tattsu

12 Aug 2003
Hello, everyone.

Recently, me and Kakuzen were discussing via PM if Nishi Honganji-ha had any sects, but after a while, Kakuzen said that Nishi does have two branches, the BCC (Buddhist Church of Canada) and BCA (Buddhist Church of America). I went there and did some research, but it seems to be something of a Jinja Honcho, which is the association of Shinto shrines in Japan. It seems to be an association for most of the Buddhist temples in America and Canada.

Kakuzen mentioned that these two were branches of Nishi. When I say branch, I mean "sub-sect", such as what Nishi Honganji-ha is to Honganji.

So are the BCC and BCA sub-sects/branches of Nishi? And is Nishi itself an organisation, or a real Buddhist sect?

Submit your questions directly to the Buddhist Churches of America at:

1710 Octavia St.
San Francisco, CA

Phone #: (415) 776-7877

Good Karma to you!
Anytime you have specific questions about the teachings of Buddhism then I would be more than happy to try and answer them.
Hanada Tattsu san!

I just want to make sure that there is no confusion. There is no connection between Nishi Honganji and Shinto. BCA is the national organization of Nishi Honganji in America.

What area of Buddhism are you studying right now?
Thanks Buntaro!

Yeah, I know, that Nishi Hongwanji is a form of Pure Land and Shinto is a completely different religion. I was just comparing it.

I'm still doing basic structure, and basic teachings.
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