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The Art of War.

ive read mastering the art of war which is zhuge liang's and liu ji's commentaries on sun tzu's the art of war.
zhuge liang is the guy that fights with the white fan in dynasty warriors.
I read it and a lot of MBA students have read it too!
It's about strategies, strategies and strategies. The Art of War written by Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese General, is also used as a textbook and closely studied by the high-ranking officials in the most famous military school in the United States (don't remember the name of school though?!). 🕺 🕺🕺

Sun Tzu said:
Know the other and know yourself
Fight one hundred battles without danger. :agree:

Know not the other and yet know yourself
One victory for one defeat. 👍

Know not the other and know not yourself
Every fight is certain defeat. :auch:

Sun Tzu said:
Whenever possible, sow the seeds of conflict among the (potential) allies of an enemy :hanabi:

Has that the American government been doing? Spares the compensations of the American POWs, pampers the Japanese not to apologize so that Japan cannot have a good relationship with her neighbours and has to rely even more heavily on the U.S. in the fields of economics, military and both international and sometimes even internal affairs. Most importantly, Japan will be more than willing to provide the funds and intelligence to watch China for the US.
Right after WWII, the Americans already had the insight that China (since she's going communist) would become a big threat. The Americans are smart!
Does the art of war still apply to modern wars with vast technology??
I dun think so..........only some can be used.......
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