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the answer is 42, now what was the question...


13 Nov 2003
Hajimemashite. I was searching around the internet for Japanese related forums, and here I am. I am a first year Japanese student (just about ready to finish up my first quarter), here in Washington, USA. I enjoy reading, cruising the internet, manga, and anime (who'd have known?). Douzoyoroshiku. 🙂
Greetings and welcome. The "question" btw is the number of times I have seen "Blue's Clues" when babysitting my niece and nephew...
I am thinking the question should be...
How many Jell-o shots before John throws up...lol

Welcome and Enjoy...don't forget to have fun!!!
@EscaFlowne lol 😊

@thereisnospoon hitchhikers guide?

I got another answer the number of times the baby goats have tried to suckle on me or how bout the number of times I've cried during video games, or how bout how many times an animal has pooped on me. LOL sorry getting carried away gomen.
"the hitchikers guide to the galaxy" is a book by doulass adams, the first in a series of 5. in which the answer to the ultimate question about the life, the universe and everything is 42. but what was the question?
anyway very good books all of them, the rest of the books are, in order:
"the restraunt and the end of the universe," "life, the universe, and everything," "so long, and thanks for all the fish" and "mostly harmless"

...oops i may have said too much.
*taps head....now what could the answer be to that...*

Oo Oo Oo 42!!!!

now that can't be right!:p wait a min. thats my final answer!
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