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The Animatrix: do you consider it an anime?



i just watched the first 6 episodes. some r really good and some r just okay. some i kno aren't anime, but i would call the 2nd renosance (sp?) anime, also i think episode 6 is an anime, and it is really cool. like with that white haired girl and she kills the dark samurai by breaking his sword of and jabbing the tip into his throat. yea that was cool. i am judging if it is an anime on the style of drawing. i haven't watched the last 3 episodes but i am going to do that today. anyways i just wanted to kno ur opinion on the thing, so thanx in advance.
Yes, it is anime because they are collaboration of short stories created by Japanese directors and artists based on the Matrix. They're sort of the backdrop to the story, such as the First and Second Renaissance. One of them, A Kid's Story, was directed by Watanabe-sensei - the man behind Cowboy Bebop. The others are also from renowned creaters such as Peter Chung (Aeon Flux) did Matriculated. I liked Program because it was directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, known for Ninja Scroll. Final Flight of the Osiris was a story tie in to the video game as well. Animatrix is like a tribute to Japanese animation and its influence on the story of The Matrix, per say.
I consider it to be very much japanese animation, mainly because the directors are some of the best anime directors in Japan.
its anime.....even though it was based on the Matrix Trilogy. I believe that being created by nihonjin is evidence enough...but i guess its one of those grey area subjects
wow ninja scrool must be good then, i have yet to see it.
Ninja Scroll is good! It's considered a standard anime and is mostly popular with males. I saw it about 5 years ago; in fact it was the first movie I saw that I considered it to be "mature anime." At that time I was just watching Toonami, so this movie sort of "opened my eyes" into the world of anime. The animation is beautiful and smooth, the story is so-so, but there's plenty of action. I highly recommend it nyo.
I guess if your definition of Anime is the Betty Boop type characters with enlarge eyes, then no. The Anamatrix was denitely not all Anime. There are some gorgeous animation in the Animatrix, especially "The Kid Story" and "Detective". Two very unusual looking Japanese animation. But I loved the fact that the directors of those segments wanted to break away from the norm. Every scene from the Kid was like a painting.
Yes, It is Anime, I watched it about a month or two ago and I loved it...there were some episodes that were just...ok but other than that it was great...;)
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