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The Alien?


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Guest Kristin asked:

Hi all! I lived in Japan several of years ago and, being a goofy gaijin, loved reading a tiny magazine called The Alien . I can't seem to find any info about this magazine on the Internet - does it still exist and is there a webpage or something that I can look at? Thanks for your help - Kristin
At the moment I am only aware of Tokyo Alien Eyes, an online magazine "for the rights of foreign residents in Japan". Just did a thorough search on major Japanese search engines, unfortunately without results. Perhaps some of our visitors know more about that magazine.
Where all other search engines fail, Google does the job...
If your system can't display Japanese characters you'll see garbage text below, so I'll outline what it can make of it:

2 Addresses (which i can't read) and also 2 phone/fax numbers: 052 (733) 3183 and 03 (3791) 3534

And there is an email-address: [email protected]

There is also an URL: http://www.the-alien.com but it displays an "under construction" message. Either they gave up the site or they are still building it.

I don't know how recent this information is, but I hope this helps.
Thanks for your search effort, Twisted! I am far from my home PC at the moment, thus I didn't find time to follow that topic. Seems the URL you mentioned is worth being observed in future... ;)
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