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The Aland Islands


5 Aug 2003
Hi, my name is Christoffer

Hi, i registerd today, i stubled over this forum when i was googleing for smileys, and i'm happy that i found this place, im very much in to japan, and their music, and especially their manga.

a little more about myself, im a 17 year old boy, who lives on / in the aland islands, that is betwean sweden and finland, the winter here is very boring, mostly cause we have all that water around us that warms the ground and air. So we can't ski here very much, ehh... there is one more reason to that, the highest point here is around 230 meters, and that is not a skislope ;) .

But in the this place is full of activity, this is one of THE most visited places in scandinavia, people come here from all over the world, turst me, they do. Americans, Germans, frenchemen, spaniors, and even from Asia, they all come here.
A good reason to why they come here is that it's very beutiful here in the summer. Allthough this place isn't the cheapest place to visit since both sweden and finland are cheaper when it comes to for an expemple, food. our foodprices are about 30-50% higher here than they are in sweden. but we all live good here, u can trust me on that to. cause the aland islands is the welthyest place in finland (oh, i forgot to mention that, the aland islands belong to finland)
but with it's small population of only 26.000 it is abel to attract so many tourists, wich also is one of the main sources of income here.
oh.... i think i'll just stop there, i can go on forever with this, but if there is anything you wonder, just ask me. it would be very nice if more people in for an exemple america and asia found out about this place
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Hi Picardo, nice to have you on board! 🙂

Some of my friends visited Aland last year. They said it's a good place to relax. :)
true, true, it is... everything has it's own phase here, no need to stress as a tourist here, this place is like a slowmoveing river.
it makes you calm down... ironicly i have a stress related "ulsor" :p
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