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The 2004 Oscars


Regular House Cat
28 Feb 2004
Well, I finally finished watching the Oscars. It was pretty predictable this year.

"Lord Of The Rings" won eleven Oscars, including Best Director and Best Picture. That's tied with "Titantic" and "Ben Hur" for most Oscar wins ever.

Sofia (sp?) Coppola won for best original screenplay. woohoo!

Unfortunately, Bill Murray didn't win Best Oscar. Went to Sean Penn instead.

Charlize Theron won Best Actress. :) No surprise there.

the Oscars this year were very predictable, so it wasn't that interesting. Nothing out of the ordinary happened.
Ummm... The Academy Awards is the Oscars. The Oscars is the name of the gold statue award they give out. It's still the academy awards, they just nickname it the Oscars.
These kind of industry prizes are worthless. They're only meant as a marketing tool.
City of God a Brazilian production was nominated in 4 categories But it didnt won any prize!!! :( Just being nominated its such a honor...Maybe next time...
P.S. I didnt like that movie, It's too violent. I just stoped watch when they shoot a kid... too violent... :mad:
Twisted said:
These kind of industry prizes are worthless. They're only meant as a marketing tool.

If they're meant as a marketing tool, how are they useless?

Entertainment in general is "useless" when it comes down to the bare minimum. We don't need it to survive. But we still enjoy it, right?
I said worthless, not useless. Worthless, because these prizes are given by the industry to the industry. It's like patting your own back.

It holds no value for the consumer as it's no indication whether a certain movie is any good. It's only so that the producers can put a sticker on their DVD-packages that says "This movie has received this many Oscars, so that means it's a good movie. Buy it now!" Sadly most consumers will actually fall for that kind of hype.

It's probably all fraudulent as well. The movie studio that pays the most gets the most Oscars. It's the same with music-awards (MTV, Grammy). Record-companies pay for those award-shows.

There was a piece about 26,000 of the island people appearing in the "BIG" movie aover the different episodes.

yay ! I actually haven't seen any of the LOTR movies because it doesn't interest me (science fiction...) but it's nice that little old NZ is up there with the best of the world. It would've been nice if 13 year old Kiera (Whale Rider) had won best actress though. Still think she's pretty amazing to be nominated - she had no acting experience before this movie! 👍
Oscars? I usually read the results of the net the next day. You can call me weird; but what attracts me most is the red carpet shoot where there's tons of actors/actresses. The feeling of anticipation, vanity, glitter and people showing off their multi-million dollar dresses is interesting....
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