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That Was A Good Solid Shake


6 Jan 2007
Not even time for the JMA people to post, but I was just starting to look around on the forum when the shake started and it was more than a little one in my area. It must have been either directly under me and weak, or a fair bit away and quite strong.

I'm sure I will know in a few minutes.

But that one almost reminded me of that horrible year, 2011 after the big ones and all those aftershocks and some were mighty unpleasant.

EDIT: It was a 5.5 about 60clics deep and just off the coast of Chiba Prefecture, and it DID NOT feel like the usual Chiba area earthquake. This one doesn't feel right. Oh yes, the JMA folks indicate no tsunami. Nope, that was not the normal Chiba style.
I was on the train and didn't feel a thing.

Yesterday morning? I was on the 6th floor of a capsule hotel in Yokohama. Definitely felt it!
I hate to be like this --- being honest can sometimes lead to trouble with fellow site citizens (JREF Citizens) --- anyway, that was just not a "normal" shake for Chiba and I am seriously hoping it isn't a signal from that area of something worse down the road.

Still, it doesn't hurt to review all your emergency procedures and arrangements once in a bit and possibly for me that could be about now.

My big trouble is properly cycling my emergency food stocks. Plus I was quite surprised recently to find out stored water can actually go bad. I mean, maybe still good for washing something, but not good for intake.

Anyway, let us hope Chiba was just having a hangover from a hardcore party the night before that us human folks weren't told about. Chiba had a nice Irish coffee, a little bit of another shake to get rid of the rest of the hangover and went back to bed and awoke later in fine shape and all is finished.
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Western Kanagawa had a shake a short time ago that was really strange. And I mean really, really strange. Frankly, I don't think I have ever felt one like that. Very short and I even heard it for a half a second or so before it actually hit. I am serious, folks, I heard it. I am seriously not sure how that happened, but it did. I just do not understand that one -- at all!
I mean, maybe still good for washing something, but not good for intake.

Only just spotted that stupid mistake I made and can't edit, so here is the correction: ... not good for intake.
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Okey-dokey, Uncle Frank.

But I am actually posting because I have a seriously uncomfortable feeling about that shake last night. I have been feeling these shakes for years and really remember the year 2011 after that March 11 disaster and I only remember one shake that caused me such anxiety back then out of all the many, many we had all over Honshu, but last night was just so strange. And if you look at the pattern of the seismic hits on the JMA map you will also see that even Mother Earth seems to have been a tad bit confused for a short time there. I think Papa Planet reared his head last night. I sure hope he went back to sleep and stays asleep.

By the way, my first instinct within about seconds of the shaking stopping --- it was a short shake --- my first instinct was it was volcano related. I thought Mt. Fuji was waking up and that really had me worried. Of course, I am now assuming that was total nonsense, but something odd took place. That I am very sure is NOT nonsense.
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