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14 Mar 2002
Thai-made Fit Aria saloon cars make mark in Japan

Japanese customers are responding positively to the Fit Aria, Honda's global compact saloon car imported from Thailand, according to Satoshi Toshida, the president and chief executive of Asian Honda Motor Co.

The model, which shares the global platform of the Honda City, has been shipped to Japan since November, when it became the first saloon exported from Thailand to Japan. Honda plans to ship 25,000 Fit Aria saloons to Japan this year, accounting for about half the company's total vehicle exports.

"To date, 3,800 Fit Aria units have been exported to Japan'' Mr Toshida said. The Honda Fit became the top-selling vehicle in Japan last year. [...]

=> http://www.bangkokpost.com/Business/17Jan2003_biz75.html

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