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27 May 2002
🙂 (finally my first post) Hello, by the way.

It's been annoying me, since I very often go to Japanese websites, and other, and many of them show up in an encrypted gibberish (like odd symbols and text) rather than the Japanese text. I already have the basic font installed from the Microsoft website, and stuff, but it only works at few places.

If anyone can help me... domo arigato gozaimasu 🙂
welcome aboard Kiyotsuki,

hmmm I'm a mac user but you might want to check your settings in IE and if set to view Japanese.

Worse cause you might want to consider using a Japanese version of IE.

good luck
Thank you, and sorry. I just noticed a topic nearly identical in the FAQ section. :sorry:

That just completely fixed the problem though. I already got all the Japanese add-ons on the Microsoft US website I could find, so I already have the Japanese version of IE (which I can switch back and forth whenever) but that wouldn't help with the page display.

It was that it wasn't automatically reading that it was a different text, and I never thought to change the encoding setting :D , heh.

🙂 That helped a lot, though. It's been bugging me for a while.
One other option you may want to explore is making a partition on your hard drive and then installing a Japanese operating system on that new partition.

I use Partition Magic V.6, dividing my hard drive in half. This allows you to install another operating system (such as Japanese Windows 98). The program also includes Boot magic. This allows you to switch between the different operating systems you have on your computer when first booting up. I choose from Windows ME or Japanese Windows 98. You can install Japanese-based programs on the Japanese partition (have Japanese Office Professional, and Japanese Microsoft Explorer for internet stuff).

These programs enable you to make the changes to your hard drive without using the famous "format C:" to set up partitions. Partition sizes can be changed or altered easily at any time too.

Using a Japanese operating system will solve any problems that the Microsoft Japanese IME will not translate.

I hope this helps,

Ahhhh forgot that windows does allow dual booting.

Great Idea Dana!

Wouldn't another entirely seperate hard-drive work too? and switch bios settings?

don't mind me too much I'm a mac guy.
The latest version of Partition Magic v.7 will enable you to set up a different operating system on a completely different hard drive also, just the same as if you were to have two operating systems on the same one hard drive. Boot Magic enables you to choose which operating system you want to use while booting up and will automatically use the hard drive with the corresponding operating system that was selected...

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