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Testuo: The Iron Man

3 Apr 2003
Ok well, my oldest brother has been fascinated with that film for years, he first read about it when he was 15 but never got it. Finally 11 years later he bought both the Tetsuo films.

We sat down to watch the first film, and I must say that this is without a doubt one of the mose bizarre films I have ever seen! I mean bizzare in a good way though, I really liked it because of its originality.

Has anyone else seen this film? What are your views on it?
I haven't seen it yet, but i found out about it, when i found some music from the soundtrack by Chu Ishikawa.
Read the story outline. Sounds interesting. :)
Few days ago I saw Tetsuo 2: the Body Hammer. Wow. A closing scene really made a movie! Yes, bizzare in a good way. I was watching a movie, thinking, well, just a B or C-class movie, good to see it as I like everything Japanese anyway, and then, shiiiiiiin - what an END! The end made it A-class
;) 👍
Ja mata ne! Irena
this movie was definetly brain food.. and visually stunning and annoying at times.... its not a good choice for most people... they would rather watch something more mainstream.
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