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i think its the site, wont allow hyperlinking, thats in image code not url code...
hell even if ya click on the link it gives ya a 404 unless you goto the homepage first, or are already on the site somewhere.
kinda crappy if i cant even link to the site...
which was what i was testing anyway, oh well.
Well while there's a test thread ...

[Japanese gibberish deleted]

Fascinating ... it still doesn't work - but the way it doesn't work is different. ^^; I can't quite pin down what it's doing now.


Well Shift-JIS still works.
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It seems that (in Japanese, shift-JIS) a space is inserted after 26 characters with no spaces. This would be equivalent to 52 characters in single byte encoding.

So if a space is manually inserted the extra will be 26 characters after _that_ one.
TEST: (space inserted after 3 characters)
窶啀窶啣窶啌 窶售窶啜窶啅窶啖窶啗窶唸窶唹窶啀窶啣窶啌窶售窶啜窶啅窶啖窶啗窶唹窶啀窶啣窶啌窶售窶啜窶啅窶啖窶啗窶唸窶唹

If a single byte character is included it 'splits' a Japanese character.
TEST: (first 3 is single byte, not double byte).

Japanese (double byte) spaces don't count.
TEST: (space inserted after 3 characters)
窶啀窶啣窶啌ツ 窶售窶啜窶啅窶啖窶啗窶唸窶唹窶啀窶啣窶啌窶售窶啜窶啅窶啖窶啗窶唹窶啀窶啣窶啌窶售窶啜窶啅窶啖窶啗窶唸窶唹

It seems that the hiragana letters 'ku' and 'a' don't display properly (which is very odd because I'm sure I included them in a test a couple of days back).
TEST: (katakana in CAPITALS)
a ku ku a A KU KU A

The hiragana 'a' uses (hex) 82 a0 and 'ku' uses 82 ad
The a0 and ad are overwritten as * (hex 2a)
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Maciamo said:
just testesing the ku and te :


Doesn't count unless it's in Shift-JIS when you hit 'post'
So, any progress on this?

a, ku, onaka no naka, benkyou no kyou

[Edit] I'll take that as a 'no'.
I have solve the く and あ problem. It was indeed because of forbidden ASCII characters in the vBulletin options.

Thanks Paul !
Maciamo said:
I have solve the 窶堋ュ andツ 窶堋? problem. It was indeed because of forbidden ASCII characters in the vBulletin options.

Thanks Paul !
Good to hear that.
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