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Temple University (transfer credits)


5 Oct 2015
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Hi everyone. I know this forum is only for threads about Japanese universities in Japan, but I don't know where else to post ana I'm really desperate.

Is anyone here studying at TUJ, specifically transfer students?

I am a young wife of a Japanese national and I recently got accepted for next year's admission to aforementioned university. I'm originally from a Southeast Asian country and I took two semesters at one of the top universities in that country. I had to stop to undergo multiple surgeries. I got married and moved to Japan a year ago.

All of the subjects I took at my university were GenEd subjects required to be taken by freshmen and sophomores. Initially, I was very happy to learn that 43 out of 55 credits were transferred. However, my happiness was immediately replaced by great dismay when I saw that all of them are labeled as "Lower Level Electives". That means they do not qualify as GenEd subjects, when, clearly, they should.

I called the OSS, but they told me that they can only reevaluate it during the academic advising session next year.

I would like to hear about your credit transfer stories, not only to Temple, but to other universities here in Japan. I just need to know if there's a high enough chance that my credits will qualify as GenEd, and not as mere electives.


6 Mar 2003
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Your post is definitely on topic. I hope you find the info you're seeking...
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