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Tell me what it means


20 Sep 2003
hey guys Im too new to japanese language to know what it means so if anyone can tell me I'd be happy

Oretachi wa Ningen-yori Ningenrashii..

it can be little naughty but it aint my fault u know if the dude who uses this as a signature is bit twisted
I'd just like to know what it means
I'll be waitin for replys

see ya
hey liz ur pretty good at japanese thing then I see u posting a lot too ;) Do u live in japan? Knowing what kind of phrases they use about certain things and what they dont use is ...... well I guess u talk japanese daily and fluently
At least I know who to ask for help if have any questions?!
And Seppuku I think ur right it must have been the lyrics
Fluency?....Hmmmm....actually this one was pretty much just a wild guess and then finding a good dictionary reibun. :D
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