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Tekken or Virtua Fighters?


6 Apr 2003
In Australia, it seems that, Tekken is much much more popular than VF.

Personally, i prefer Tekken, as well as people around me.

Is it the same in Japan ?
I prefer Tekken as it has more impact. But I haven't liked that Namco title much since Tekken 3.

For 3D Fighters, I would say I place DoA and Soul Calibur above those two.
i agree with shinmeiryu, either soul calibur or DOA. tekken is just too slow for me. it just seems that everyone on tekken doesnt move as fast as id like them to, even xiaoyu. VF is even slower.
Tekken and VFighter... jeisan is right... too slow, I think!
Nobody is fast as Hayabusa!
or Kasumi... ( 😍 )
DOA2+3 and Soul Calibur I+2 really rules! it's fast -it's cool - and i could play all day long^^
sorry guys vf is the king. if you want a game that takes skill to play and is very pleasing in it technical gameplay then i would say go for the original gangsta bro. remeber all 3d fighting games after vf1 are copying. and they are copying for a reason. doa is crap. if i get a punch on you and connect so that i can make a combo, that is my reward for skillfuly getting you hit, but in doa, you can counter everything. dose gamplay actualy exist if you never see more than a two hit combo? crap crap crap. and tekken is the worst of them all! any game where the fights end while you are laying on the ground 90% of the time is crap as well. tekken is just not good at all.
oh and just so you know, vf is the game people in japan love to play. when i was there i even saw buisness men playing it, and very well i might add. i didnt however see anyone playing doa, soul caliber, or tekken.
hehe.... fact is: vf affords a lot of skill! doa, tekken and Soul allows the uncontrolled "button-pushing" -oh i hate that!
actually ive gotten 7, 8, 9, 10 hit combos in doa. which is set up alot like vf with one button for punch, one for kick and so on. the counters make it better so when you see the attack coming you can actually do something about rather than take it or just block. affording that you can tell where its gonna hit. the las time i played vf it was extemely slow and the charactors were blocky. this all may well have changed since then but there was still nothing much to spark my interest. if the charactor onscreen cant keep up with me it just gets annoying.
You obviously haven't played doa against someone who can really count. All my friends are Japanese, and they wouldn't play doa with me. At that time, I was so into that game and really wanted to get my fight on with them. They would always say, why do you want to play that? It is not fun. So I said ok, show me why. Then after 10 hours of gameplay, I knew exactly why. When I was playing, every single move I did was countered on the spot. Every single one. Do you understand how unentertaining that is? I know I am not as good as these guys are in that game, but even when they played each other, all that great gameplay and all those cool combos where nowhere to be seen. When people who are really really good at the gameplay each other, the damn game turns into a flinch-o-thon. Everyone is just countering each other. Over and over and over. They wouldn't even do a two-hit combo because they knew one of them would counter it. That is seriously lame bro. The thing is, people who love doa either love it for the breast (I'm a breast man myself) or they haven't gotten their asses countered to death over and over again by someone who plays well. The game may be good to you now but, after you get great at it, then your friends do also. All you have to look forward to out of all the characters 70 something moves is about one or two of them. Nothing in this world can make me believe that doa has anything that resembles gameplay.
One more thing. VF is damn fast anything faster than if Evo is just a button masher. I believe there are two kinds of fighting game players. Those who don't care to learn a game want the quick thrill of mashing buttons and beating their rival. The fighting game fan who loves to pick one character and learn them in and out so that they can actually do the combos they see in their head. The faster the game (let's say soul calibre), the more likely it is for a button masher. Vf Evo is by no means slow, and I know that the game isn't blocky anymore. Also, shouldn't the gameplay be more important than the graphics? I personally don't need a game to be so fast I cannot make a combo work, but hey, that's just one man's opinion.
Yeah, man! that's right! I damn hate those players! those guys pushing all buttons just to defeat their rival.... that's so stupid and has nothing to do with real game-play!!! but mostly they are even proud of themselves... LOL!
I'm that kind of gamer who trains with his (can be a few) favourite characters. :box:
-Soul Calibur (Mitsurugi, Kilik, Siegfried, )
-DoA 2+3 (Hayabusa!, Hayate/Ein, Kasumi&Ayane-. and especially Jan Lee, and no one, i repeat, NO ONE could ever beat me! :devilish: ) hehe 👏
well if the people you are playing with are cheap asses then yeah i can see a flinch-a-thon. prolly the same people who just kept sweeping their opponent over and over in mortal kombat II. its not the game's fault the players are like that and make the gameplay suck. like i said i havent played vf in a long time so i really wouldnt know. i tend to learn my favorite charactor in and out but then as time goes on i end up picking up everyone in the game. because if i know what their moves are i can fight them better. so as far as soul calibur i usually play as edge master, though taki is my favorite. yeah gameplay is very important but its nice if games look good as well. i dont want a game that fast either, what i do want is a game that can keep up with me and my button inputs. i guess maybe because the games i grew up playing only got harder by getting faster so i had to be fast to get through it. so i expect a game on a system thats hella faster than the nes to keep up with with me.
i play both
hworang and wolf mainly
usually i see more vf machines than tekken (even namco? soul calibur more than tekken in namco inti for sure...) over there
edit: i like doa the best :eek: maybe heeheehee
since the days of saturn
and play with everyone
Tekken I'd have to say, Tekken has Hwoarang and Xaiyou (spelling?) great games! Tekken 4 is good!! Better if you have it one the fast mode, if your TV can handle it
Virtua Fighter is better. Tekken is a bad clone,lol.
I think that Tekken only worked because of the PSX big sales.

Think twice:
1>If you play only VF1 on my Super32X, you will be able to beat a VF4 user without problem.
This "compatibility" is only on vF, not on Tekken.
2>Tekken's playability isn't very interesting, its too "pre-rendered" and "spectacular".

VF is the best fighting game ever made.
My favorites are Sahra, Voldo and Michelle.


uuh, i try to say something because i'm big tekken fan^^'' [the game intrinsically is not so gorgeous or something, but i have played it such a long time and it's good when you want to hit someone] :p uuh. and i think here we don't have game called virtual fighters at all, or if we have it's not popular or something. i have never heard and nobody i know doesn't have it o_O finland is weird country.
VF. Tekken is a ground kicking contest. Whoever is the best at knocking you down, can just beat you to a pulp on the floor.

As Tychan said, in VF( I'm talking about VF4) you can actually spar with people instead of it turning into a 'whoever hits first wins' kind of battle. That's the only thing in Tekken that I hate. It's so repetitive, but the only good thing they did was add Steve. He's a dodging fool. My favorite character on Virtual Fighter 4 is probably, Shun di. Hands down. He is the craziest old man ever. You can do some of the weirdest combos, but they get the job done.

Oh and on the whole debate on DOA, well, I love the game, and for its uber cool teammate jump in technique (DOA3), but I'd have to say that it is easier to have fun when you can take people down by blocking what they throw at you and giving them some of yours, instead of counter+counter+counter+counter= win.
Ok nevermind, the boobies totally overrule the counter problem.

Just kidding. Still love that game though.
I like the Tekken games a lot better than Virtual Fighter, except for Tekken 4 which was a huge disappointment.
Because the controls are horrible. You can do the same move over and over again without beating the opponent with any skill.
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