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10 Nov 2003
New here so apologies if i don't seem to know the rules. Was wondering if anyone knew any cool japanese-ish tee shirt labels (in and out of japan)?

Thanks a great deal!! 😊 :D
hey cool site!!!

but was looking for the more funky street kind? the graphic stuff. i'm still zooming across the web in search of my treasures :p :sorry:
There is a brand and store called Movin in Japan. They are probably exactly what you are looking for but I was unsucessful in finding anything about the company online.
I'm not sure if "Bathing Ape" is a Japanese company or not. I was just trying to figure this out by posting a question on it. They have cool Planet of the Apes looking graphics but are way over priced.
Found a few websites with lots of potentials! cool stuff! :)


I'm looking for the Japanese graphic T-shirt company who made this shirt (to order more)?

I bought it recently (earlier this year), but lost the tag with the actual company website on it. Could someone who can read Japanese (or Chinese) please find me the company website from the tag or design??? All I seem to vaguely recall was that it was ***something***.jp, lol??

In the future please feel free to start a new thread instead of reviving one that has been forever.
^^ Awesome, thanks masaegu! That's it! 😌

And sorry for gravedigging this thread, then! I was actually trying not to spam with redundant threads, lol...
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