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tech help...(again)


Semper Fi
5 Nov 2003
hi everyone..ok, i am interested in learning how to design webpages and stuff...does anyone know of any how-to-do sites or anything?please help!!!!thanx! miyume :mad:
I Think There Are Some Dummies Books Out!

There's a SAMS book out "Teach Yourself To Create Web Pages In 24 Hours". Then there are books that break down the codes, HTML, JAVA,C+, and many others. You might try your school library to save money. A GOOGLE search will probably find you a million sites with info. I think you have the right idea about asking other people who are beginners how they got started! Good Luck !!

ok, thanx Frank! i am looking to go into the military and also doing tech stuff in a few years. thanx!
eto... always wondered how I should get started too... haven't really made any pages, but there is some program you an download at geocities... ^^
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