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i'm looking for books that give detailed descriptions of the japanese tea ceremony . however, i'm hoping to find a book that also details what guests are supposed to do, proper manners and so forth. the book i have puts emphasis mainly on the movements and politeness of the host, and though this is nice, in most cases i have now idea how to receive what the host is offering.

sorry if this came out all jumbled.

There are very few books that give you all the information you need. I study Urasenke school, and even the beginning books (I'm guessing this might be what you have) don't talk much about guests...just entering the tearoom and drinking the tea itself.

The reason may partly be because tea is still supposed to be an oral tradition, being passed from person to person. This is hard to do when there's no teachers near where you live!

If I can help you with guest etiquette, I can do it as best I can here.
Do you care if the books are in Japanese? I have one at home (I can post the ISBN number later) that has lots of photos you might find useful. However, it is geared towards making tea, not being a guest. It is for Urasenke...Like Chacrazy, I can share my experiences if you have specific questions.
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