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21 Mar 2003
Hi there!

I`m a guy from Finland (known by cold weather.. ;)) and want desperately some help...

I have chosen to take tattoo which is based on Japanese writing marks. But i want some translation help..
the text goes :


and that phrase i want to be translated to japanese..
I would be very pleased if somebody help me!!

Thanks for already! =O)

and if somebody is very good painter and write that with japanese marks i would be very glad! but as i said , the translation just is enough for beginning..
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Hi Petteri, welcome aboard!

I have moved your post to our Japanese language forum, there's a higher chance our nihongo experts will stumble across your request.
Perhaps you could translate this into English first. What exactly do you mean?? Does it mean something like "Have your way with me?"
Konnichiwa Petteri-san.
Welcome and Hajimemashite.🙂
I agree with mdchachi-san. Please tell us more exactly. What exactly do you mean? Why need that translation?(sorry, I couldn't understand your words correctly in my poor English)
We can good job if you tell us more exactly.;)

hmm... :)

As I'm from Finland too, maybe I could stick my spoon in to the soup and try to suggest something.

Maybe You should change the phrase a little, so it would be more correct...unless that's the point, to have no sense

How about this, would this be better?:

"May your will happen, not mine"
Hi ! and thanks for attention/replies for everyone! :O)

I think Chipi translated phrase just good as it can be!

and the phrase goes:


Konnichiwa Petteri-san!

This phrase sounds unfamiliar to me. And I am no good at abstract translation.

"Watashi de ha naku, Anata no Ishi ga Arimasuyouni" in Japanese. But this is a literal translation and is meaningless in Japanese.:(

"MAY" is "-youni" in Japanese and means prayer.
"YOUR" is "Anata no".
"WILL" is "Ishi".
"BE(HAPPEN)" is "Aru" and is "Arimasu" in this case.
"NOT" is "-de ha naku".
"MINE" is "Watashi no".

I think that there is more fit translation but I can not good translate in my poor English. Because I can not understand your words correctly. Sorry.:sorry:

Can you explain the feeling behind it? Like is it addressed to God? Or is it a S&M kind of thing? What is the point you are trying to get across?
Konnichiwa Mdchachi-san!

An example, "May you be very happy!". This sentence is translated "Sachi Ooku Arimasuyouni" in Japanese.

"MAY" is "-youni" in Japanese and means prayer.
"YOU" is "Anata ni". But this word is omitted.
"BE" is "Aru" and is "Arimasu" in this case.
"VERY" is "Ooku".
"HAPPY" uis "Sachi".

This sentence is prayer, but is one's wish more correctly. And this sentence can say in different words "I hope you will be happy". "Sachi Ooku Arimasuyouni" means "I hope you will be happy" too.

But "Watashi de ha naku, Anata no Ishi ga Arimasuyouni" is meaningless in Japanese. This sentence can say in different words "I hope your will be, but not mine". What meaning be in this English sentence?

First of all, I don't understand your words "MAY YOUR WILL BE(HAPPEN), NOT MINE" certainly, and my translation is a wrong.:p

Can you say your words in different words more concretely?

Hi !


it could be readen religious way : MAY YOUR <-(god) WILL HAPPEN, NOT MINE

i think i point this phrase to
"higher powers" (god etc..)

Does Japanese have similar pharases or something..?

thanks for replies!! =O)
Originally posted by Petteri


it could be readen religious way : MAY YOUR <-(god) WILL HAPPEN, NOT MINE

i think i point this phrase to
"higher powers" (god etc..)

Does Japanese have similar phrases or something..?

I think....Japanese don't have such phrases and
I'm not Christian so it's difficult for me to translate your words.
but I'll try my hand.

God is Kami(神) or Kamisama(神様) in Japanese.

Anata ni Kami no Oboshimeshi ga arimasu youni...

mm,too long...:eek:
I think that phrase means basically - you can have your own free will and beliefs but do not try to force them upon me.... is that the correct thought pattern behind the phrase? The long way of saying to each his own
Hi again!

Zenbone: I don`t mean that..

I mean that may god`s will happen , not mine

May your will happen , not mine

is that correctly translated/spelled?

But the point is that ..

If i get it in japanese or same kind of phrase i will get it to symbols and then march to my local tattooshop and say :
Goddammit boy! let`s get the work done! ;O)

But now I`m going to get premedication (booze) for tattoo pains..

Way god be with you all in weekends activities!!!
Funny how language structures mess things up when sentences are translated into different languages :)
This _is_ a tough one to explain in english, even though I understand the meaning. I hope Petteri doesn't mind me butting in with this explanation thing...? (I'm the curious ape;))

The sentence is like person A speaking to person B:
"You can have the way you want, may the things happen what you wish for. I wish the things are going to come true what You want. That is because I want your dreams and your wishes, your way, to happen _before_ my dreams etc. come true. "

I hope that explains the meaning a little bit? The "feeling" in this phrase. It's like the person A is being humble and generous, by wishing that the dreams and will of the person B are going to happen, before person A's dreams. Person A is setting person B sort of "above" himself.
How about "May God's Will Be Done"? If that's acceptable I might be able to find a decent translation for you.
Well, God's Will is "kami no mimune" -- that's 4 characters (or 5 if you make it kami-sama).
May God's Will Be Done could then be said something like:
kami no mimune wo okonawareruyou ni

Also "Surrender yourself unto God" could be said "jishin wo kami ni zensukushinasai"

The latter part of it could be used to say "Entrust all to God"

What is the number of characters that you want? I assume you want to keep it relatively short.

Also, try browsing on this site to see if there are any phrases that you like.

We can pick out the relevant Japanese if you find something.

Where do I find Japanese character support for my computer?
Those characters looked like my puke on the floor at Saturday .. ; )

But in a serious way, I need that c-support and those MdChachi`s sentences sounded good. Thanks for him and everyone at this point! =)

btw. I think four Japanese symbols would be good..?

Go here

do that.
Konnichiwa Petteri-san!


"Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven."

I think that this prayer help us. It is translated "Mimune no Ten ni Okonawaru ru Gotoku Chi nimo Okonawaren koto wo" in Japanese. And the part "Thy will be done" is "Mimune no Okonawaren koto wo".
This meaning is the same as Mdchachi's sentence "kami no mimune wo okonawareruyou ni". The subject is omitted frequently in Japanese and "kami" is not in my text. "okonawareruyou ni" is the same meaning as "Okonawaren koto wo". But "Okonawaren koto wo" is more formal.


Pater noster, qui es in caeli:
sanctificetur nomen tuum;
adveniat regnum tuum;
fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo, et in terra.
Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie;
et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris;
et ne nos inducas in tentationem;
sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom com.
Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Ten ni Mashimasu Warera no Chichi yo
Negawakuha Mina no Toutomaren koto wo
Mikuni no Kitaran koto wo
Mimune no Ten ni Okonawaru ru Gotoku Chi nimo Okonawaren koto wo
Warera no Nichiyou no Kate wo, Kyou Warera ni Atae tamae
Warera ga Hito wo Yurusu ga Gotoku
Warera no Tsumi wo Yurushi tamae
Warera wo Kokoromi ni Hikitamawa za re
warera wo Aku yori Sukui tamae. Amen.


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