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12 May 2016
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You guys must get fed up of answering these types of questions, so I apologise in advance!
My friend got this tattoo, it's supposed to say love in Japanese which I think it does? Only thing is, a couple of the lines don't seem to look right. Just want to know if it still says what it supposed to before I let them know!
Again, sorry if this type of post annoys anyone, and thanks in advance.


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It looks fine to me. It's a rather uninspired representation of the character 愛 (reading あい、romanization 'ai', pronunced somewhat like the word 'aye', which is most commonly found standing alone as a word meaning 'love', although the character can also appear in compounds which also relate to love, romance or affection.)

I don't see any missing or incorrect strokes. It was probably copied from a stock font. It's even in the correct orientation and wasn't mirror-imaged as sometimes happens.
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