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Travel Tattoo-friendly Japan


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14 Mar 2002
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A new website caters to foreign visitors who sport tattoos but who would like to experience Japanese cultural institutions like onsen and public baths which traditionally refuse tattooed guests. Some facilities though have started to accept tattooed travellers for several reasons (according to the producers of Tattoo-friendly Japan):

  • Compared to the past, tattoos for the sake of fashion, not criminal activities, have increased
  • foreign tourists with tattoos have increased
  • guidance from some administrations have become more lenient
  • experimental trials of allowing guests to cover their tattoos (with a seal/bandaid) have been implemented
  • according to the Yakuza Exclusion Ordinance, new signs have been remade and regulations of tattoos were abolished.

Here's their website:

Tattoo Friendly location finder – A location finder for Tattooed people

And here's an article by JT introducing the new service and expanding on why Japan has/had such a restrictive stance on ink.

In tattoo-taboo Japan, new website offers helping hand for those with ink | The Japan Times
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