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9 Jul 2003
This movie is by the director of anime movies 'Ghost in the Shell' & 'Patlabor' Mamoru Oshii. I found this while (and another live action film by him) while searching through the anime section for some new stuff. The American release is in Japanese with English subtitles that can be turned off - dvd that is.

What it's about?
Well...., you've really got to see it. It's kind of...,
I don't know if any explanation I give it will do it justice, but...

A new anime film is being worked on and the deadline is soon, but the director is missing. A new one is brought in to finish the job, but one by one those working on the film are getting killed off. (from back of box) : "Now he must play the role of dective as well as dirctor, in a world where fantasy and reality seem to be merging into a unique and sinister world."

Quite interesting I must say. Funny, in more than one way, but not slapstick. Check out this movie. It's got a 'little' of that weird going on that "The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb" (that claymation that Manga released in US) had. A little I said, not a lot.

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Anybody else see this movie yet?
What do you think about it?
Not familiar with this film but it definitely sounds interesting. Thnx for the heads-up.
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