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Talk, talk, talk.....


I am oky just drunk a bottle of choclate syrup and am ready to let off some energy, so u boy girl age i am girl 14 😄 :p :D
I'm a girl age 15! 👏

Hehe, that's so funny! I just had pure sugar too! *runs around* So fun!

Waii! I want to sing! :sing: *glass shatters* *looks around* :cautious: Twasn't me....

i found someone like me hahha "falls from chair laughs" jumpy me woo i like boys and sugar!ya :D 😄 👏 :p ok woo mom says calm down " jupms up and down in chair"😄
Awesome!!! :D

Boys are nice, sugar's better! (Especially Chocolate!!! Waiiii!!!)

Hehe, I'm so lucky, it's too late for everyone to tell me to calm down. (They're asleep. :sleep: haha. yay!)

You know, ToshiChan, You should also head over to the epic battle thread located in the anime manga forum! It's fun fun fun!! (Shameless promotion). ;p

Yay, talking is so much fun! 👏

wooooooo cant calm down to hyper 😄 i guess i could check it out but what fun chair spinning around and around "bad idea falls down dizzy sick" aakkk never try that at home kids " falls from chair again hhahaahhaha " :D

You're so lucky, i don't have a spinning chair! :(

But I am so happy, I just ordered a bunch of manga!!!!! I love gift certificates!!

i went

i went to the battle place and posted, your lucky to have cirtifaget i want a certifaget to get anime and stuff but oh well i got manga books for christmas will do me ok for now ^-^V
My parents just got me Anne Rice books (but I love her work too! 👏.) Instead of manga. I was going to get some, but they said either books or a comp. :(

But then they really surprised me with the certificates! 👏 😄

What manga did you get?
I totally agree with you! 😍 (It is too bad he is not a big fan of humans, though...or half-demons..:()

I didn't get inuyasha...*loud voice: BAD FAN!!* (Geez, I only had so much money....*Hits loud voice person with fan* Take that!)

But now I have more volumes of x/1999 and some other titles! 👏 (I was broke for sooooooo long! :()
Ok, you can tell me!!! I wanna know!! *continues to hold onto sesshoumaru, who isn't too happy*

(BTW, if I seem as if I'm offline, I'm not. My comp is giving me loads of trouble. :auch: It just opened about 30 windows and I had to manually shut it down....grrr...*hits computer with hammer*)

well when sesshoumaru was little he met a girl named Yoshi nick named Toshi (that were me get name ^-^ ) well he was happy he ate food smiled and stuff and they we like 11 or so and he asked if she would be with him forever and she promised. and gave him a bff braclet that she made that said Toshi and Sesshoumaru Forever. But Toshi had been framed for destroying her village and was taken by monks and sealed up in a cave. But Seshoumaru thought she had died and said he would never love anyone again and he hated humans for doing that to her and hated half demons becuse they were so weak becuase she was a half demon. But they say these new episodes will not be aired that really sucks hu

That really sucks!! That story is in the manga though, right? I really need to buy the manga.....*Loud voice: GOOD THINKING!* (Oh, yeah, I had a 'talk' with the loud voice...but it sounds like it's being sarcastic. *glare* *Loud Voice: GULP*)

Poor Sesshoumaru! 😭 Love is so mean!
not airing in Japan they sounede so good i herd them all! but they culd be a lie but it sounds real and put a plug where there are holes in the storie. i have tried writing them down but was never able to finish "Sesshoumaru is with me to a copy or what ever sits in lap 😊
Ah, I cannot believe that! So mean! :(

They should air it. I know! Let us create a raging mob and demand that they air those episodes! :D
Hai!!! *Toshi and Kuro form raging mob and hold the TV studio at gunpoint*

Yay! Oh, wait...*realizes its the AMERICAN studio they have taken over* Crap! We need to get money so we can fly to japan and take over the studio there! (Also, more people to help...*looks around* We were the only members in the mob....)

great we're in trouble look the cops have surounded us. Oh i see a was out ( takes out sword and slices sealling to roof a helicopter ya can u fly?!

just have to try

We get in the air and are off with cops behind us)

Hey Toshi dont kill them with your sword!

Im not im just get them off our backs!


i climb on side of helicopter and through stuff at cops then cut a gas can in half and spill it on their helicopter and they leave.
*is flying the heliocopter*

*looks at Toshi* Really, ToshiChan....Here, use this, make sure no one follows us. (Inuyasha Haters! *shiver*) *tosses gun to Toshi* It's a .45! Just aim and shoot! *goes back to concentrating on flying the heliocopter* We should be to Japan soon!
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