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Tales of recession

The foreigner

Steve Koya, aged 33, is British but married to a Japanese woman. He works in Hokkaido as computer systems manager for a concrete producer.

The guy who got my job :eek:

Seriously though, I teach Steve's Boss's son every Tuesday, ahem tomorrow night.

If you look close enough at the computer screen you'll see the company's logo. A buddy designed the logo and I did the English quote underneath.

Strange things do happen.

I didn't know anything about linux at the time also it seemed like that my students father wanted to keep me as his sons tutor. Oh well, I work at a high school now.

Isn't that a small world? Oh, perhaps he's got your job, but he looks 5 years older, hehe. [j/k]

Unfortunately, the logo is only partly visible.
@ moyashi, thats a bummer!:sorry: but you are great without the computer systems manager position anyway🙂
forgive my lack of knowledge but what does "Muraski" mean? (just curious moyashi)🙂
Murasaki = purple

... I was playing around with my signature but couldn't come up with anything more snappy.
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