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Takeshi's Castle. Winners?

According to the UK site "Takeshi's Castle online", the castle has been stormed about 3 times by one of the volunteers, and they get a cash prize "which is rumoured to be about 1 million Yen".
Yea i watch that programme on Uk t.v aswell!!! great fun, but some of them can get some nasty knocks >< Its rather old as well.

The japanese people are great on it, so confident they can win =D i love the japanese spirit
they've made a cheap rip off called Pain Academy I think... It will never live up to Takeshi's Castle.... it had Beat Takeshi for crying out loud!! Man I love that show :)
i love the way on the end game Takeshi has a big paper-mache version of his own head on!

ive seen winners once but nothing particularly happened. fireworks and the general looking very happy.

what are peoples favourite games?

mine are knock knock (looks very painful) and also the high rollers.

the specials where they have parents and children on are hilarious
They've dubbed it with stupid engrish dialog in the US on one of the cable networks here and called it Most Extreme Elimination Sports or something like that....but the visuals are still painful to watch sometimes.....

especially the first episode they showed with the guy doing a somersault and landing on his head then trying to leap across the pond with floating platforms...man, when he landed on his head, the stunned looks on Takeshi and Sonomanma Higashi were classic.... :D
wooooo takeshi castle is wicked I love it.

and I just realised that takeshi castle is the real battle royale, with out as much blood shed. in bridgeball and stepping stones with all the grion hits there keeping the japanese population down.

And do they real win 1mill yen. Or at the end does Takeshi just say u have won great honor for your family now u can go home.

🙂 👍 👏
Hey i 've heard of this it was called the Most Extreme Elimination Sports or something like that or something. When the guy fell on his head. i almost lost it though!
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